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The Video Collection

215 Videos On-Demand

  • 76 Gentle Hatha Classes
    Relaxing stretches to soothe stress and rejuvenate you
    Many special topics: Sciatica, pranayama, meditation, wrists, balance, pillows, snow shoveling recovery, hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and more
    Hour long: 63 videos, 20-30 minutes long: 2, 45 minutes long: 11 videos

  • 76 Special Topic Classes

    • Back Care, Alexander Alignment, Techneck Relief, Avoiding Hunchback

    • Immune Support, Metabolism, Digestion, Cleansing, Wake-up, Sleep

    • Ball, Blocks, Strap, Pole, Wall, Chair, Foam Roller, Blindfold, Beverage

    • Hips, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Core, Balance, Inversions, Arm Balances

    • Running, Hiking, Cycling, Golf/Tennis, Travel, Yard Work, Gardening

    • Chakras, Drishti, Bandhas, Mudras, Vata/Pitta/Kapha, Mythology

    • Basic Power, Power & Peace, Open Yoga, Restorative, Animal Poses
      Hour long: 62 videos, 20-30 minutes long: 14 videos

  • 63 Creative Power Vinyasa Classes
    Jane Marie's signature intermediate level class with unique sequences
    Hour long: 60 videos, 20-30 minutes long: 3 videos

  • 30 One-Minute Abdominal Exercises Classes
    Released as a 30 day challenge on Facebook in June 2020
    1 minute each: 30 videos

  • 43 printable Handouts 


Two Subscription Options:
Monthly (Access ends the last day of the month)

SALE May-June-July-August

Videos were recorded live during Zoom classes held April 2020 - Dec 2021

Use PayPal links on this page. Please allow 48 hours for enrollment.

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